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The Opportunity that is CBD

Knowledge is power and I have partnered Alternate Medical to offer the exclusive oppurtunity to be certifed in CBD through a state of the art online course. This is a huge oppurtunity to obtain the credentials needed to safely consume, sell, distribute and profit off of CBD in the United States. Take the course today and let us know what you think. We will have more trainings in the future. Unlock the secrets of CBD! 

Invest Now

Hempworx Affiliate Program

Whether your looking to regularly use CBD yourself or you want to make a business out of it HEMPWORX has a great affliate structure that promotes cooperation and growth no matter how much you want to be involved. 

Hemp Processing

With my wealth of knowledge I am developing a Hemp Processing plant that will process the next generation of Hemp to be produced in the United States. I'm Looking for partners to create a nation wide initiative that capitalizes on the economic opportunity. 

Hemp Brokerage

Currently as a CBD certified consultant I can help not only percure CBD for you as a consumer but as a business as well. Getting biomass and extraction can sometimes be difficult. Contact us now to get a free consultation and see if we can help your business take advantage of the oppurtunity that is the growing market of CBD. 

Certification in CBD

Green tea

My Philosophy

It is no secret that CBD products derived directly from the hemp plant, which is a cousin of the marijuana plant, must have less then 0.3% THC or be completely THC free. The over 6,000 year history has spread the amazing Hemp plant all over the world. With today's technology we can learn even more about the empowering effects of the plant on the human body. In humans Cannabinoid receptors, located throughout our bodies, are a part of the endocannabinoid system, which is involved in a variety of physiological processes including appetite, pain-sensation, mood, and memory.


After the passing of the 2018 Farm bill in the US Hemp could eventually replace top products creating a more sustainable future and opening the door to economic opportunity. It was then I decided to dedicate my life to bringing like minded individuals together to reap all of the benefits that the amazing Hemp plant has to offer. I implore any like minded individuals to reach out for a free 30 min consult to speak more about the physical and economic opportunities that are to our fingertips.

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