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Clairvoyance CBD Oil Tincture
  • Clairvoyance CBD Oil Tincture

    Clairvoyance 2000mg Focus Tamarindo flavor



    Our Clairvoyance  2000mg Focus oil drops are here to help you wake up and seize the day. Carefully blended CBG and CBD offer a mellow boost of energy and focus, while helping your body work to the best of its ability. CBG has shown great promise in several clinical applications, making it a valuable addition to anyone’s wellness routine.


    CBG, or cannabigerol, is one the many phytocannabinoids found in the hemp plant however, CBG is typically present at much lower levels than other cannabinoids, which is why we are just now unlocking its therapeutic potential. Hemp breeders have started selectively breeding to increase CBG levels in their strains, while extraction professionals have determined the optimum extraction window for CBG


    You want natural energy support



    • You’re looking for a product that may support focus & attention*
    • You want to support a healthy digestive system*
    • You’re looking to support your emotional wellness*
    • You want to experience the benefits of CBD without any potential grogginess*
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